Easy File Hub 2

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connected to local server, you need download File Hub Server 2


Easy File Hub 2 is a cloud storage explorer for Windows Phone 7,

Easy File Hub 2 support 8 cloud storage: Local Server, Web Hosting, WebDAV, Dropbox, Google Docs, Skydrive , Box.net and Picasa

with Easy File Hub 2, you can browse files of your cloud storages in Windows Phone 7,

and open office files(Word,Excel,PowerPoint), pdf with IE, or simple playing mp3 files in background,

you also can playing video file, view .txt/jpg/png in cloud storages.

in addition, Easy File Hub 2 support zip file format, you can view files of zip file.

if you need, you can download or upload files(include direct take photo from camera or recording audio and video) between phone and cloud storages(without Google Docs),

then view it in phone without internet connection(currently all office files and pdf is can't view in local)

Easy File Hub Server(a local server) can download from here

Easy File Hub 2 now support 3 clutures : en-US, zh-TW, zh-N

Support Build-In Viewers


Storage support Download/Upload

Storage Support Download

Web Hosting

Easy File Hub 2 support Web Hosting, you can make virtual directory of IIS or apache, then enable directory browsing feature,

Easy File Hub 2 will parse result and list files of these directorys,

PS:  the directorys and sub-directorys can't contains any default pages(index.html/default.html...), or you can disable default page in your web server.

Web Hosting feature is opening a door for non-windows platform, like Linux or Mac, and without install any 3rd software in your computer.



Easy File Hub 2 support WebDAV protocol ,  the protocol is supported by many NAS(Synlogy, QNAP)


What's new in 2.2

Easy File Hub Roadmap

   we are working hard for next version, the nex version will publish in next 2 weeks. it include features list below.


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